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Magic of the month

It's the 8th month of the year and Summer is in full swing!

August, with long, sunlit days and warm, slow evenings is the month of the zodiac sign, Leo. Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac and is connected to the element of fire. The element is often described as 'hot and dry', fire symbolises energy, drive, passion and determination. One of the main challenges for anyone guided by this element is to remain calm and peaceful when things get too fiery.

When looking at the seven main chakras (the wheels of energy which run throughout the subtle body), the first that comes to mind is the 'Manipura Chakra', representing vitality. The Manipura is the third Chakra and is positioned between the belly button and the solar plexus area.

When the Manipura is balanced, we feel energised, motivated and confident. It's like the fire in our belly! When unbalanced we can feel guilty, have a lack of energy and have low self esteem.

Check out the pose of the month, it can help to create space around your solar plexus area and hopefully release some tension.

This month's full moon will appear on the the 3rd of August, it's known as the grain moon. The name given to this full moon comes from the way the landscape looks during August, where fields of wheat turn to golden shades ready for harvesting.

The New moon in Leo will be on the 19th. This is a time for planning projects, both fun and self promoting. A great time to set new affirmations and maybe reflect on past experiences.


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