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Windowsill planting - Pea shoots

I get massive satisfaction from eating vegetables, herbs and fruits which I have grown myself. Not only is the process really relaxing and rewarding for me but knowing that the food is completely organic and hasn't had to travel anywhere is also a massive plus. People often think that you need lots of outdoor space to be able to grow things but there are lots of veggies and fruits which can be grown indoors taking up very little room.

Pea shoots are a great quick crop and can be grown on a windowsill all year round!

Because the shoots are so young, they are packed with so much nutrient qualities.

They are really high in vitamin C and vitamin A, immune boosting and anti- oxidant. They help with the absorption of iron from food and also contain anti inflammatory properties.

I love to add raw pea shoots to the tops of my salads, in pasta dishes or stir fry them in sesame oil.

Position: sunny, warm windowsill

Water: every 2 - 3 days

Time from seed to harvest: 2 - 3 weeks

You don't need lots of space, just enough on a windowsill or counter top near a window that will get enough light. Shoots grow faster in warmer conditions so don't shut them behind curtains overnight.

You can grow pea shoots in any type of container, it just has to have drainage holes. The maximum compost depth only needs to be around 5cm.

You can buy pea seeds, or alternatively you can grow pea shoots from dried peas which will be cheaper.

The seeds needs to be sown thickly, close together, because they aren't growing into larger plants, they don't need any room. Soak your peas for an hour before you sow them as this will make them germinate quicker.

Line your tray with about 4cm of compost, each pea will make a shoot so sprinkle as many as you want into the tray and then cover the seeds with 1cm of compost. Shoots should appear within 3 - 5 days.

Harvest when the peas have reached around 6 - 7cm tall. Cut the peas off just above the lowest leaf and this way you will generate a second crop from your pea seeds.

Tip - If you have more than one crop growing and need to label your trays, you can make labels from any old plastic containers to save buying any and recycling plastic that you can keep using. I cut mine out of old takeout tubs, yoghurt pots or plastic bottles.


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