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Pose of the Month

High lunge twist - parivrtta anjaneyasana

Twists from the centre of the body can be detoxifying and cleansing postures, helping us to wring out any unwanted tension and stress in the body.

Twists from the waist can also build heat and fire in the centre of the body. This posture is particularly tricky because there is an element of balance needed to find the lunge, balancing on the back toes.

Benefits of this pose;

  • Strengthens the thighs, glute and abdominal muscles.

  • Stretches the psoas and hips

  • Strengthens your balance and focus

  • Can help improve digestion

Finding your low lunge with your back knee down, tuck your back foot toes under and pick the back knee up. Pushing through the back heal, straighten the back leg and keep a deep bend in the front knee.

Take Anjali mudra (palms together) in front of your chest. Before you twist make sure that you have a flat back, so trying not to curve the spine. Twist from the waist and hook the opposite elbow over the front knee. (So if your right knee is in front, hook your left elbow over, twisting the chest to the right.) Try to keep your hands in the centre of the chest as you twist.

If you find it a challenge to keep your balance and also twist in this posture, you can modify by keeping the back knee down on the mat for balance. Twisting from your low lunge. This will help you to stay more grounded through your legs.

If you want to add more of a challenge to this pose, you can work with different arm variations - split the arms, sending your fingers toward the ground and up to the ceiling.

You could take a half bind with your top arm or a full reverse bind, wrapping the bottom arm underneath your front leg and interlinking the fingers.


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