December Edit #3

Remedies to help with fatigue through December

Throughout the winter months, we receive almost half of the amount of daylight hours which we would during the summer months. Our sleep/ wake cycle can also become disrupted by the change of daylight hours. This lack of sunlight can make our brains produce more melatonin which is a hormone which makes you feel sleepy.

Herbs and essential oils

Essential oils that have a stimulating effect on the body and mind can help to relieve feeling of tiredness.

Bergamot, grapefruit and rosemary - these oils are all uplifting and refreshing.

You can add any of these oils to a diffuser for instant results, breathing in the atmosphere. You could make into a room spray for your work space during the day. Spraying into the air or maybe onto your sofa or bed and pillows. Be careful not to let the spray fall onto wooden furniture.

Alternatively you can add to the bath, make sure to close the door of the bathroom so the vapours don't escape. Soak for at least 10 minutes, relaxing and breathing deeply.

Neal's Yard Remedies restorative tea

Infuse 2 tsp of dried Oatstraw and a pinch of dried lavender in 175ml of boiling water.

Drunk this tea infusion 2 - 3 times a day to help relieve fatigue.


Staying well hydrated with water and also herbal teas can help to stabilise your blood sugar levels to avoid dips of energy during the day. You might feel like you crave more sweet foods n the winter but try not to give in to sweet treats throughout the day because the sugar high is quick to wear off and can leave you feeling even more tired than before.

What we put in our bodies has a huge impact on our energy levels. Eating the right foods to keep your body well nourished and supported is important also.

Chia Seeds - contain protein, fibre and fats which help to sustain energy levels. You can add these to smoothies, porridge or salads. You can also soak the seeds in oat milk overnight and then top with fresh fruit as a morning chia seed yoghurt.

Pulses - are high in protein, fibre and are slow - release carbohydrates. Pulses are really versatile and can be added to soups, curry, stews, salads or made into vegan burgers.

Chick peas are my favourite as you can make falafels or hummus and I also make a chick pea "tuna" style sandwich filler. You can find this recipe in my October Edit 6.


Get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible. Try to take even just a quick 15 minute lunchtime walk. Time in nature relieves fatigue and also can improve mental health and wellbeing.

Exercise boosts energy levels, 3- 4 times a week (even if its just for 10 minutes) will help you to feel more energised.

Getting enough sleep is really important for fighting off winter tiredness. However, you don't need more hours of sleep than you get in the summer months, 8 hours is usually the right amount.

Stress can also be a large factor in feeling fatigued. Stress has been shown to contribute to tiredness. We can also feel more stressed during the shorter days as there is less time to fit everything into the day with the nights drawing in much earlier. Finding ways to reduce stress and trigger your parasympathetic nervous system will help you to relax and maybe feel less tired. Maybe try meditating int the morning, or last thing at night. Yoga and breath work can also help.

Please note that the information in this blog post is not to be taken as medical advise.

All of our bodies, minds and energy are different, therefore herbal and aromatherapy healing remedies may show different results on each individuals own body and mind.

If you are struggling with long periods of fatigue then you should consult your GP.


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