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More and more people are beginning to understand the importance of self care. Natural remedies are becoming more popular as a way to help deal with stress, anxieties, insomnia, low energy, skin issues, and sometimes even digestive issues.

I have always been drawn to more natural solutions to better health and wellbeing since being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. I take medication to keep my illness in remission but alongside conventional drugs, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle too. I do this by choosing the right foods for me, regular exercise, yoga and meditation, deliberate rest, herbal supplements and essential oils.

Oil blends

Relaxant and stimulant oils can be blended together to help the body feel more balanced both psychologically and physiologically. Some oils such as Lavender and Lemon are classed as both stimulants and relaxants. If used in moderation they are relaxants but if used in larger amounts they become stimulants.

Below are two recipes and methods of how you can incorporate them into your day.

Personally, I love to add a blend to my diffuser in my bedroom about 30 minutes before I plan to go to bed. I shut the door to keep all of the aromas in the room and leave the diffuser on a timer so that I can drift off to the gorgeous, soothing scents. Heavenly.

Bring the Fire - a blend to energise and uplift on tired, down days

A synergistic blend of larger amounts of Lavender which stimulates the immune system, is a de - toxifier and and anti depressant. Alongside the lavender, add larger amounts of Lemon, which is an antiseptic and anti - bacterial stimulant and Clary - Sage which also acts as an anti - depressant and helps to alleviates stress.

10 Drops of Lemon

5 Drops of Clary - Sage

15 Drops of Lavender

Slow Down - a blend to relax with when feeling burnt out

A synergistic blend of geranium which is a relaxant and effective in calming the nervous system, Lavender which is also a natural relaxant when used in moderation, alongside bergamot which is an antiseptic, often used to reduce and alleviate stress.

15 Drops of Geranium

5 Drops of Lavender

10 Drops of Bergamot

Diffuser: You can add the mixed oil blend into a burner or diffuser (max 6 drops) for instant results, breathing in the atmosphere,

Bath: Add to the bath (max 8 drops), make sure to close the door of the bathroom so the vapours don't escape. Soak for at least 10 minutes, relaxing and breathing deeply.

Room Spray: Make into a room spray (4 or more drops per 300ml water) spraying into the air or maybe onto your sofa or bed and pillows. Be careful not to let the spray fall onto wooden furniture.

Yoga Mat Spray: Alternatively you can spray the blend onto your yoga mat so that you can inhale the scent whilst centring before your practice.

I usually practice yoga on a morning so I add an energetic blend to my mat to give me a boost when its more of a struggle to come to terms with the world. If you prefer to practice on an evening you could add a soothing blend to help you wind down from a busy day.

≈ Simple and Quick Energy Tip

Make up an ice cold reviver

3 drops of Rosemary oil to 150ml of water

Take an empty spray bottle, add the oil to the water. Keep the bottle in the fridge so its always cold when you need it. Shake the bottle well and spray onto your face, neck, shoulders for a refreshing boost.

Please note that the information in this blog post is not to be taken as medical advise.

All of our bodies, minds and energy are different, therefore herbal and aromatherapy healing remedies may show different results on each individuals own body and mind.


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