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Pose of the Month

Bhujangasana; cobra pose. 'Bujanga' means serpent in sanskrit.

We're in the element of fire this month and the focus is towards the solar plexus where our Manipura Chakra sits. This yoga pose is a back bend which is an energising pose. It is a great way to find length throughout the whole front of the body and engage with the solar plexus area.

Kundalini energy also is symbolised as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine that has 3 coils which represent 3 states of mind;

  • Awake (Jagrt)

  • Dreaming (Svapna)

  • Deep sleep (Susupti)

This serpent energy can be awoken by the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

I love cobra pose because it makes me feel really energised and open across the shoulders and chest. This is a pose where I can take full advantage and breathe into the lungs.

Knowing the benefits of a pose both physically and spiritually is something which I have always been interested in. It adds context and allows me to understand why I'm practicing the movement.

Bhujangasana benefits include energising and strengthening the body. It opens the chest and shoulders while creating strength in the spine.

Beginners - Keep feet hip width apart to help protect the lower back. You can also move in and out of the pose rather then holding it while you build up arm strength.

Advanced - For an extra challenge try bending the knees and drawing the toes towards the back of the head.

Image: Shannon Contreras


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