November Edit #4

Keep Things Simple

Zen living is all about mindfulness and being fully engaged in the present moment. It is about taking a slow and simple approach to life, concentrating on one thing at a time in order to fully enjoy life's little pleasures.

Something which a lot of us aren't used to doing is simply relaxing and not letting aspects of the day or worries of the future take over our minds and distract us.

This kind of mindfulness is really beneficial in relaxing and calming the nervous system, it's a great way to clear your mind, taking it away from certain stresses and also to find simple positives especially if you are feeling negative or stressed. This is more important than ever with the second lockdown coming our way.

We might think of Zen living to be sitting, for hours in meditation to be able to achieve this concentration on the present moment, however there are lots of ways to live in a more "Zen" way.

Here are a few easy ways to connect to a zen way of living;

Draw, paint or write

Spending time to be creative is a really effective way of staying in the present moment and concentrating on what you are doing. Being creative allows us to switch off and recharge whilst still being mentally productive.

Read a book

Whether its something factual or a great novel, this is a great way to take your mind off the day to day stresses and worries to escape for a while. I love to read before bed as it takes me away from my phone screen and also calms my mind down.

Phone a friend for a catch up

Taking time to connect to people, especially at the moment with constant restrictions from the pandemic, is important and a really simple way to relax and connect to the now.

Go for a walk

You can do this either with a friend or by yourself. You can do this any day, anytime of the year. You could take a warm drink in a flask or a picnic and stop off somewhere to soak up your surroundings. I mentioned the powerful benefits of walking in my AUGUST Edit #4.

Sit with a cuppa and watch the weather and the wildlife out of your window

Something which is so simple, sitting quietly and taking in what's around you is one of the easiest ways to relax.

I love to do this one a morning as soon as I wake up. I sip my cup of coffee and watch the birds in the garden. It's a great way to come to terms with the day and tune in.

Going out for a drink to a coffee shop is also a great way to quietly soak up your surroundings and 'just be' for a while.

Move you body

Walking, jogging, yoga, going to the gym or playing a sport is a great way to clear your mind and be completely in the moment. You just have to make sure that you are doing a type of exercise that you enjoy rather than seeing it as something to tick off your list.

These are just a few of my own suggestions, you could be doing anything just as long as you are able to fully switch off from your worries and wandering mind. Just allowing yourself the time to be in the moment, wherever that may take you.


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