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Grow Fresh Mint on Your Windowsill All Year Round

You don't necessarily have to have a garden space outdoors to grow fresh herbs.

Mint is a fresh and tasty herb which I love to use in lots of different ways. It's a vigorous growing herb which will grow in most pots or containers as long as there is adequate drainage holes.

The best position for mint is in an area with indirect light, preferably an east-facing window during spring and summer or a west- or south-facing one in autumn and winter.

Mint prefers to be kept watered, but not too wet. Don't let the top of the soil dry out.

You can grow mint pretty easily and really cheaply from cuttings. Take a cutting from an already established plant, they need to be about 15cm. Remove the bottom leaves and place the cuttings in a water filled jar or bottle. Set this in a sunny window for the best results, the roots will start to form at the bottom of the cuttings. Once you have enough roots, after about 3 weeks you can plant the cuttings into compost in your chosen pot.

Mint can also be grow in just water and will keep on growing in water, not needing to be transplanted into soil so you can leave you cuttings to mature in the jar filed with water.

Often said to soothe indigestion, mint can also help to relax muscles and can work as a mild decongestant.

I use mint in lots of things in my kitchen, heres just a few uses for fresh mint leaves;

  • You can make flavoured water with fresh mint leaves and lemon slices

  • Add the leaves to hot water for fresh mint tea

  • Chop the leaves and add with white onion to a vegan yogurt to make a raita

  • You can make minty mushy peas

  • Add the leaves to your smoothies

  • Add into your salads or stir fry's

  • You can make mojitos!


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