Grow flat leaf parsley for cooking with

I love to cook with fresh herbs and also love to grow them in my kitchen windowsill garden throughout the year.

Flat leaf parsley is such a fresh and strong tasting herb, also known as Italian parsley, you can eat both the leaves and the stalks. I usually throw in a curry or soup at the end of cooking, I use the leaves to top a fresh salad or pasta, chop the stalks into potato salad or chop finely into a dressing.

High in Vitamin A and C and K, Iron and Calcium and also containing anti - oxidants, parsley is a really great way to boost your meals with extra goodness.

Position: sunny, warm windowsill

Water: every other day (parsley loves water)

Time from seed to harvest: 3 - 6 weeks

Tip - some times the seeds take at least a week to show so don't worry if they take a little longer to shoot.

You can grow parsley in either a tray or a pot, it just has to have drainage holes. You don't need lots of space, just enough on a windowsill or counter top near a window that will get enough light.

Sow the seeds straight into compost, 1cm deep, in rows. Lightly cover the seeds and water in well. Make sure the compost does not dry out. Seeds can take six weeks to germinate. When seedlings are large enough, you can thin them by pulling some out to make more room for the herbs. You can also sow batches of seeds a few weeks apart so you have a continuous supply of parsley.

Parsley needs lots of water, particularly if in a sunny spot. If it is too dry the leaves may turn yellow, you can cut back any yellowing foliage.

It is best to pick your parsley when you need it, cut the stems at the base, so that new leaves grow back quickly. You could grow a few pots of parsley so that you can harvest from one whilst the other is left to produce new growth.

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