Grounding Chamomile Latte

This soothing latte drink is a great evening comforter on cooler nights.

Chamomile is from the Asteraceae plant family and has properties that may aid sleep and digestion. It is an anti - oxidant and studies have shown that Chamomile also has anti inflammatory qualities.

Because of it's soothing and relaxing affects, some people believe that Chamomile has also been known to help with anxiety and depression.

Serves: 1

Making time: 5 minutes

Recipe List:

  • 2 tsp dried Chamomile flowers

  • 250ml oat, almond or soya milk

  • 1/2 tsp maple syrup to sweeten

  • Ground cinnamon for topping


On a medium heat, add the dried flowers and the milk to a small sauce pan

Simmer for 5 minutes

Strain the warmed milk into a mug through a fine sieve or muslin cloth

Add the maple syrup

Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon

I grew chamomile from seed but you can buy the flowers dried.

If you are using your own grown chamomile, pick the heads of the flowers once the petals have started to fall away from the centre. I dry the heads for 1 - 2 weeks by placing between 2 layers of a muslin cloth, kept in a dark. dry place.

I then store in an airtight container for when I want to use them for tea or lattes.

*Please note that you shouldn’t drink chamomile tea if you’re taking anticoagulant medications, such as warfarin. Chamomile contains a very small amount of coumarin, which may have very mild blood thinning effects.

The information in this blog post is not to be taken as medical advise.

All of our bodies, minds and energy are different, therefore herbal and aromatherapy healing remedies may show different results on each individuals own body and mind.


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