Grow lettuce on your windowsill

As I mentioned in my previous windowsill garden blogpost, there are so many veggies and herbs that can be grown in as little space as a windowsill.

Lettuce is one of them. I grew this red and green mix in a small plastic trough but because salad plants don't root deeply you can grow them in all sorts of shallow containers as long as they are wide enough and have drainage holes.

Position: sunny/ partial shade warm windowsill

Water: when top layer of compost is dry

Time from seed to harvest: 6 - 8 weeks

You can sow the seeds directly into the container. In 5cm deep compost, space the seeds roughly and finely cover with 1cm of compost.

I have just grown one type of lettuce in this trough but you can sow a mix of salad plants in one container for different flavours and textures of leaves.

Lettuce will also grow outdoors in the warmer months but choose a sunny spot - the sunnier the spot, the better the harvest.

Harvest when the plants have been growing for 6 - 8 weeks. Cut the outside leaves and leave the centre as they will keep growing. You should be able to keep picking the leave for several weeks before the plants star to slow down.

Once the plants have slowed right down you can cut all of the leaves off for one last harvest. You can compost the roots and then re - sow!


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