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Crohn's Fighting Yogi


Yoga and movement for me is about expressionism, letting go and connecting with body, breath and mind.

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. On and off, it was something which I gravitated towards for a chance to unwind, challenge myself and move my body, but it wasn't until I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease that I really noticed what practicing did for me. I felt myself turning to yoga more regularly and it became a part of my every day life really quickly.



Online group classes, corporate and 121 sessions available  



Get in touch for a one to one yoga or breathwork session in my home studio or online

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All things, mindfulness, health and wellness


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"Liv is extremely professional and accomplished teacher who manages to balance excellent clear teaching with a sense of fun and an emphasis on moving at your own pace. My husband and I are well past retirement and we truly believe that our flexibility and positive attitude are in part attributable to our yoga practice."

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"Each class did exactly as described. The Tuesday class was a wonderful wind down from the day and a really nice way to let go of the daily stresses through movement and concentrated breath work. Liv does a wonderful job of making this feel natural and guiding you through the classes. The slow (or not so slow) burn of Thursdays classes are my favourite way to start the day. Intense but grounding. They leave me feeling like I have done a work out but also energised."

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"Chose these classes as they are all very different. Have thoroughly enjoyed every class. Lots of thought has gone into the planning them, each time feels like a new yoga experience. 

It is so convenient to practise online and excellent value. All instructions during the classes are very clear. The Yin and Meditation is perfect for the early evening to feel relaxed and peaceful at the end of a busy day."

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"Both obviously different but they fit in with where I am in my life at the moment. I feel I can be myself in the classes. 

I feel very relaxed in the classes, if I want to push myself I can do but if not then that is OK too. I feel you are a very nurturing yoga teacher. 😍"

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